F. R. Bean Manufacturing, established in 1951, is a manufacturing company specializing in the manufacturing and sales of clothing marking kits and pen marking kits. F. R. Bean Manufacturing is a supplier to the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, Navy, Marine Corps, Veteran Hospitals, American Embassies, Hospitals, and Nursing Homes.

Our products are "military tested", meaning that we design products for the Armed Forces of United States to provide uniform marking products that live up to the standards required by our military troops. We make stamp-type clothing marking kits with specialty inks intended for use on all types of clothing. We provide a broad range of marking kit products including office-type stamper kits, single-line stamper bars, and marking pens. Both of our marking kits make custom text creation possible using the provided letters and numbers sets. Our products are assembled and/or manufactured in our Vista, California plant and are sold under the COM-PAC trademark. We are proud of our on-time performance and shipment accuracy. We take great pride in our workmanship and our kits are inspected twice before each shipment. Our marking kits will work for you, too! Our kits make it easy to mark children's clothing and bags, adult clothing for group wash, etc. Students, schools, camps, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Campfire girls, and just about anyone can use our marking kits!